Nothing crazy this week on TCGS. We simply want to reach out to OG fans and have them tell us why they aren’t watching the show anymore. 

No hard feelings. Just figuring out our game plan.

Get rumbling, we want to get the attention of anybody and everybody who used to watch and get involved every week. Give us one more Wednesday. 

Well, as for me, I’m going to bum everyone out with my story. I apologize in advance.

So, yeah, almost four months ago I broke both my legs by falling down a tall flight of stairs. I severed a nerve, losing the function of my left foot. I also had acute compartment syndrome when I arrived at the hospital, so they had to rip my legs open on both sides and put me in an external fixator that looked very much like something out of a Cronenberg film (see, Crash). Okay, I’m sure they didn’t actually rip them open, but they might as well have. 

I underwent five surgeries & skin grafts, and was in the hospital for two weeks. Since then, I’ve been rocking out on some therapy and learning to walk again. We’re finally back to watching on Wednesday nights whenever we can while I heal - which could take a while. I might post some gory photos soon. But, then again, maybe that’s too much.

Often, I still have to watch on Youtube a week or two behind. I love this show and it really is one of the things I look forward to most each week. It always has been but even moreso now. I’m that dork who sings along to all the songs. ALL the songs. *dorkcity*

I planned to come see the show live but I’m not sure how long this healing will take and the streets of NYC are not the best playground for someone who’s in excruciating pain after walking, like, at all. Also, I don’t have medical insurance, so I won’t be taking any trips soon. Bah! I’m truly sad that I may never get the chance to see the show live but I understand the need to evolve or move on. 

I’m excited Chris is coming to St. Louis with Mike Birbiglia. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’ll be the one in the back in a wheelchair, looking all short and stuff. I wish the whole cast and audience could come. Oh my, how I wish!!! 

I’m off to watch old episodes now! 




So I’ve been thinking a lot about The Chris Gethard Show lately. Its very existence. Why we started doing it. Why we’re doing it now. I’ve noticed a few things.

And it is time for us to BURN IT DOWN. It’s time for us to set a FOREST FIRE to this show, that might be the end of it but might just be the thing that allows new growth to happen.

In short, the motto for the rest of this summer when it comes to TCGS is EVOLVE OR DIE.


That’s the new mantra. This thing has to grow, or it has to go. Those are our options.

This will be a community discussion and we’ll all find the best landing spot together.

Be prepared - a long manifesto is about to unfold below.

Here are some of my concerns. I’m sure you have your own:

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Oh, hai. I’m just a dog popping my head through the sunroof of this Jaguar. Watching you walk by. Have a nice day. #dogsofinstagram